Mobile MRI Services Market Analysis Report 2023-2032:

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Market Snapshot


Source: Market Expertz

Study Period 2019-2032
Base Year 2023
Forcast Year 2023-2032
CAGR 9.34

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Report Overview

The Mobile MRI Services Market size is projected to exhibit a robust CAGR of 5.2% from 2022 to 2032. The market is anticipated to grow by USD 1,850 million during this period. The expansion of this market can be attributed to several factors, including the increasing demand for diagnostic imaging services, the need for convenient and accessible healthcare solutions, and technological advancements in mobile MRI technology. Mobile MRI services involve the provision of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans using mobile units that can be transported to various healthcare facilities, thereby offering flexibility and convenience in healthcare diagnostics.

Mobile MRI Services Market Overview:


One of the primary drivers propelling the mobile MRI services market is the growing demand for diagnostic imaging services. As healthcare systems continue to evolve, the importance of accurate and timely diagnosis becomes increasingly evident. MRI scans are instrumental in detecting a wide range of medical conditions, including neurological disorders, musculoskeletal issues, and cancer. The mobile aspect of these services ensures that MRI scans are more accessible to underserved regions and patients who cannot easily reach a fixed imaging center.

Moreover, the convenience offered by mobile MRI units, which can be stationed at various healthcare facilities, supports the efficient delivery of healthcare services. This is particularly valuable in areas with limited access to advanced healthcare infrastructure, such as rural regions or during emergencies.


An influential trend in the mobile MRI services market is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in MRI diagnostics. AI-driven MRI analysis enhances the capabilities of these services by enabling the rapid interpretation of images, detection of anomalies, and even predicting disease outcomes. As AI technology advances, it opens up new possibilities for improving the accuracy and efficiency of MRI scans.

Additionally, the adoption of AI-powered diagnostic tools and applications is gaining momentum, benefiting the mobile MRI services market. These AI algorithms can assist radiologists in providing more precise diagnoses, reducing human error, and expediting the reporting process. Hence, the integration of AI in mobile MRI services is expected to fuel market growth.


One of the key challenges hindering the mobile MRI services market's growth is the high cost of mobile MRI units and maintenance. Mobile MRI units are complex and specialized equipment, and their acquisition and upkeep can be expensive. This cost factor can deter healthcare facilities, especially smaller ones, from investing in mobile MRI services.

Furthermore, ensuring the proper maintenance and calibration of mobile MRI units is crucial for accurate diagnostic results. Any malfunction or downtime can disrupt healthcare services and lead to financial losses. Addressing these cost and maintenance challenges is essential for the sustained growth of the mobile MRI services market.

Mobile MRI Services Market Segmentation By Application:

The smartphones and wearable segment is anticipated to experience substantial growth in the coming years. Mobile MRI services can be integrated with smartphones and wearable devices to provide real-time health monitoring and diagnostics. This application holds promise in telemedicine and remote healthcare delivery. Wearable devices equipped with MRI capabilities can monitor patients' health continuously and transmit critical data to healthcare providers, enabling timely interventions and reducing the need for physical visits.

Additionally, the ability to perform MRI scans using smartphones or wearable devices enhances the mobility and convenience of these services, making healthcare more patient-centric. As the adoption of wearable technology and telemedicine continues to rise, the smartphones and wearable segment is poised for significant expansion.

Mobile MRI Services Market Segmentation By Type:

The mobile MRI services market's growth is driven by the increasing demand for Wi-Fi chipsets. Wi-Fi chipsets are integral to the connectivity of mobile MRI units, allowing for seamless data transmission and remote monitoring. These chipsets enable healthcare professionals to access and analyze MRI images in real-time, even when the mobile unit is stationed in a different location.

Furthermore, as healthcare facilities increasingly adopt electronic health records (EHRs) and cloud-based healthcare systems, the demand for robust Wi-Fi connectivity in mobile MRI services becomes paramount. It ensures the secure and efficient transfer of patient data and diagnostic images, contributing to better patient care and streamlined healthcare workflows.

Regional Overview:

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North America is poised to dominate the global mobile MRI services market, contributing significantly to its growth during the forecast period. The region benefits from a well-established healthcare infrastructure, technological advancements, and a high prevalence of chronic diseases that necessitate frequent diagnostic imaging. The demand for convenient and accessible healthcare services is on the rise, further propelling the adoption of mobile MRI services.

In addition, North America boasts a thriving medical technology sector with numerous companies specializing in mobile MRI technology and services. These companies are actively investing in research and development to enhance the capabilities of mobile MRI units, making them more versatile and accurate.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile MRI services market in North America faced challenges related to the safe provision of healthcare services. However, the region's rapid vaccination campaigns and adherence to safety protocols led to the resumption of mobile MRI services, contributing to market recovery and growth.

Mobile MRI Services Market Customer Landscape:

The mobile MRI services market analysis includes an evaluation of the adoption lifecycle, from early adopters to late adopters. It assesses adoption rates in various regions based on penetration and identifies key purchase criteria and drivers of price sensitivity, helping healthcare organizations refine their strategies.

Major Mobile MRI Services Market Companies:

Companies in the mobile MRI services market are employing various strategies to enhance their market presence, including strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, geographic expansion, and the launch of innovative services.

Mobile MRI Tech Inc: The company offers advanced mobile MRI units equipped with cutting-edge imaging technology, catering to the evolving needs of healthcare providers.

HealthConnect Solutions: HealthConnect Solutions specializes in providing mobile MRI services integrated with telemedicine platforms, offering patients convenient access to MRI scans and consultations.

Imaging Innovators: Imaging Innovators focuses on developing AI-powered MRI analysis tools, enhancing the diagnostic capabilities of mobile MRI services.

The research report also provides comprehensive analyses of the competitive landscape in the mobile MRI services market, featuring information about 20 leading companies, including:

  • Siemens Healthineers
  • GE Healthcare
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Hitachi Healthcare
  • Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
  • Esaote S.p.A.
  • Canon Medical Systems Corporation
  • Hologic, Inc.
  • Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
  • United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd.
  • Mindray Medical International Limited
  • Samsung Healthcare
  • Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
  • Carestream Health, Inc.
  • Agfa-Gevaert Group

Qualitative and quantitative analyses of these companies enable stakeholders to gain insights into the broader business environment and assess the strengths and weaknesses of key market players.

Segment Overview:

The mobile MRI services market report provides revenue forecasts at global, regional, and country levels, along with an analysis of the latest trends and growth opportunities from 2019 to 2032.

  • Application Outlook (USD Million, 2019 - 2032):

    • Smartphones and wearable
    • Hospitals and clinics
    • Remote and underserved areas
    • Emergency medical services
    • Others
  • Type Outlook (USD Million, 2019 - 2032):

    • Low-field MRI
    • High-field MRI
    • Open MRI
    • Closed MRI
  • Geography Outlook (USD Million, 2019 - 2032):

    • North America
      • The U.S.
      • Canada
    • Europe
      • U.K.
      • Germany
      • France
      • Rest of Europe
    • APAC
      • China
      • India
    • South America


A research methodology is a systematic approach for assessing or conducting a market study. Researchers tend to draw on a variety of both qualitative and quantitative study methods, inclusive of investigations, survey, secondary data and market observation.

Such plans can focus on classifying the products offered by leading market players or simply use statistical models to interpret observations or test hypotheses. While some methods aim for a detailed description of the factors behind an observation, others present the context of the current market scenario.

Now let’s take a closer look at the research methods here.

Secondary Research Model

Extensive data is obtained and cumulated on a substantial basis during the inception phase of the research process. The data accumulated is consistently filtered through validation from the in-house database, paid sources as well reputable industry magazines. A robust research study requires an understanding of the overall value chain. Annual reports and financials of industry players are studied thoroughly to have a comprehensive idea of the market taxonomy.

Primary Insights

Post conglomeration of the data obtained through secondary research; a validation process is initiated to verify the numbers or figures. This process is usually performed by having a detailed discussion with the industry experts.

However, we do not restrict our primary interviews only to the industry leaders. Our team covers the entire value chain while verifying the data. A significant number of raw material suppliers, local manufacturers, distributors, and stakeholders are interviewed to make our findings authentic. The current trends which include the drivers, restraints, and opportunities are also derived through the primary research process.

Market Estimation

The market estimation is conducted by analyzing the data collected through both secondary and primary research. This process involves market breakdown, bottom-up and top- down approach.

Moreover, while forecasting the market a comprehensive statistical time series model is designed for each market. Macroeconomic indicators are considered to understand the current trends of the market. Each data point is verified by the process of data triangulation method to arrive at the final market estimates.

Final Presentation

The penultimate process results in a holistic research report. The study equips key industry players to undertake significant strategic decisions through the findings. The report encompasses detailed market information. Graphical representations of the current market trends are also made available in order to make the study highly comprehensible for the reader.

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