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Market Expertz pitches itself as a market research firm solely dedicated to providing data on industry-related insights. The assessment and self - explanatory resources including graphs, tables and images contained in the market intelligence report are secured from trusted sources, thoroughly examined and validated by industry experts across different industries.

Market Expertz takes measures deemed necessary to ensure optimum accuracy and reliability of the data contained in all our publication. However, Market Expertz shall not be held responsible for inaccuracy in data provided by external entities including but not limited to the companies, manufacturers and users. This purely indicates that neither Market Expertz nor the authors of the market research reports offer any sort of assurance about the information being completely accurate or reliable.

We encourage all our users to read through and understand the below terms:

  • 1. Buyers purchasing market intelligence report from Market Expertz agree to use the content of the report solely for internal or personal use and not disclose to an external entity or for use in general publication
  • 2. Market Expertz does not permit a user to resell, disclose or circulate the complete report or a portion of it to any non-user until and unless he/she has signed an explicit agreement with Market Expertz
  • 3. Apart from this, neither the complete report nor a portion of it shall be circulated or reproduced using any sort of medium such as recording, photocopying or electronic transmissions without an explicit agreement with Market Expertz
  • 4. All data, statistics or assessment contained in the market intelligence report are obtained from trusted research analysts. Therefore, at several instances they may not represent the views of Market Expertz
  • 5. Market Expertz shall not be held liable for any business decisions taken by the client on the basis of the data in the market research report made available by Market Expertz

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