Why there is a dip in the price of Pharma Industry

Market Expertz   |     September 25, 2018


United Sates Food and drug Administration inspected Indian Pharma plants quality check and the quality was not up to the mark and reports were sent to many companies like Lupin, Sun Pharma which clearly showed that the quality was not up to the mark. The main reason for the detoriation of quality is because of the strict regulations, fast changing environment and advanced technology has led to increase of sales but quality has not been maintained. I we look into the reports of 2016-17 the exports got decreased by 0.43 percent in value terms and 6.95 in terms of volume. The Quality assurance team needs to check on these factors like increasing efficiency, reducing the cycle time and they maintain a overall operational performance by maintaining specific standards. They need to setup a benchmark and process optimization in order to sustain in the market. Also, further rubbing salt on wound is large number of new drug applications were approved by Food & Drug Administration has resulted in increased competition in the generic market and led to price drop.

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