Toyota Another Star In Nvidia’s Constellation

Market Expertz   |     March 28, 2019


Automotive leader Toyota is strengthening its collaboration with Nvidia for its autonomous-vehicle development program. The gaming giant revealed that the Toyota Research Institute would test its Drive Constellation. The virtual proving ground will become available in the market and Toyota is set to be the first customer to gain access to the simulator. Nvidia’s technology shall be employed in Toyota’s program for training and developing autonomous driving technology. The organizations made this announcement at Nvidia’s annual GPU Technology Conference held at the company’s headquarters. Toyota’s Japan-based Advanced Development research division is using the computing company’s end-to-end development and production in the development, training, and validation of its autonomous driving tech. This collaboration is not the first business venture of the two corporations together. The companies had partnered to develop the engineering wing in an agreement between Nvidia, the Japanese TRI-AD and the U.S.-based Toyota Research Institute.

Nvidia had presented Constellation last year at the annual GTC. The technology promises to let the customers experience autonomous driving under any circumstances. The DRIVE Sim software activates the sensors in the vehicle including the cameras, lidar, and radar. The GPUs in the system generate photoreal data streams that give an extensive range of environments and scenarios. This aids in the visualization of an array of difficult road conditions to test the vehicles skills at maneuvering the given situation. Nvidia, which initially made graphics processing units for gaming applications, is now a leading chipmaker in the computing industry and provides artificial intelligence to over seventy companies in the automotive industry. This agreement with Toyota is a milestone for Constellation.

The autonomous driving industry has traveled almost fifteen miles in the first decade of its life but it still has many miles to go before self-driving cars can attain normalcy. Although, AV simulators are helping bridge the gap, even if it is on virtual roads.

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