The 5th Generation race: emerging players

Market Expertz   |     March 01, 2019


5G is the newest data technology that promises wide channel bandwidths and data rates that are significantly faster as compared to the 4G network. Many countries have adopted the technology, and several others are working towards the same. 5G networks offer lower network latency which not only makes them compatible with cellular mobiles but it also makes them compatible with larger platforms like home and office networks systems. The International Mobile Telecommunications system is working towards accomplishing their target of successfully launching 5G technology by the year 2020.

Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant, has launched a 5G foldable smartphone venturing further into the 5G industry. The company is on the receiving end of various criminal charges including bank fraud filed by the US Department of Justice. It is unclear if these charges will have a negative impact on the company’s reputation and consequently, on its sales but China has taken the lead in the 5G market for the time being. A white paper by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), titled “Enabling 5G in India,” highlights the uses of 5G in healthcare and automotive industries and suggests that an investment of 60-70 billion USD will ensure the smooth execution of the technology in India. O2, the telecommunications company based in the UK, plans to establish its 5G market by launching it in the cities of Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London.

Verizon Wireless is expanding the 5G market in the US by launching it in more than 30 cities. It had introduced “5G Home” in October 2018 and is set to launch a 5G mobile phone in collaboration with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Qualcomm Inc. has presented its 5G smartphone chips- the 2nd generation. The earlier generation chips were installed in a few Xiaomi smartphones, and Qualcomm aims for mass production of its latest technology. Vodafone ran a trial of its 5G “Gigacube” at the Manchester Airport ahead of its global launch. The global 5G market is growing rapidly, driven by our need for faster communication technology, and the players involved are attempting to get ahead in the race.

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