Solvay’s Thermoplastic Innovations For Magneti Marelli

Market Expertz   |     March 28, 2019


Solvay has created a new product for Magneti Marelli’s automobiles and is displaying it at the JEC World 2019. The automotive company has collaborated with Solvay to create a thermoplastic composite steering knuckle prototype. The steering knuckle is packed with several features and shall be a first-of-its-kind in the industry. This collaboration between the two companies has allowed the exploration of the automotive applications of Solvay's thermoplastics and injection molding materials. The resultant product is a complex geometrical structure that optimizes the properties of these components. The steering knuckles have been created by combining Solvay’s Amodel PPA and Evolite PPA thermoplastics, which are most suited for heat-generating automotive functions and operations.

The technological developments in the area of high-performing materials and a smart design that allows for optimal structural performance, functional integration and also weighs less to give further structural efficiency. This innovation in the domain of suspensions promises to deliver the rate and flexibility required in automotive manufacturing. Solvay has used its thermoformed laminates with injection molding to form complex structures to fit Magneti Marelli’s concept. The steering knuckles deliver optimal performance rates along with rate-capable methods for processing while retaining the aerodynamic balance required for automobile functions.

Solvay’s technology is widely applied in the automotive and aerospace sectors as it helps in the creation of high-grade, lightweight and geometrically complex structures using advanced material science, engineering, and chemistry. Composite materials used in this process offer an extensive range of products viz. resin systems, adhesives and surfacing films, carbon fiber, textiles, tooling among others. The company uses advanced sciences to create sustainable solutions for wide-ranging applications in the aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical industries and have minimal impact on the environment. Italy-based Magneti Marelli has enhanced the technology in its cameras and radar system installed in its headlamps as well as tail lamps while retaining the aesthetic features.

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