Robotics: both a necessity and a luxury

Market Expertz   |     January 28, 2019


Even with all the science fiction cinema trying to show us different ways in which the artificial intelligence (AI) is going to rebel against us and will probably imprison or enslave us humans, it cannot stop us from looking at the “other” side, the technological advancement side and the side where AI is nothing but an object of scientific amazement. It is 2019 and robots are now driving cars, saving endangered Coral Reefs, diagnosing brain tumors, painting (they even developed a hobby) and cleaning your house for you. Robotics has not only engulfed adults in its miraculous creations but even kids can be seen maneuvering a drone or flying a hover board.

The Robotics world is on a constant rise and the key players of the field are engaging in extraordinary innovations to stay ahead of the game. 3D Robotics is collaborating with Uber to venture into the area of autonomous scooters and bikes. Uber has assigned its new division Mobility Robotics to work on the project. This project might give Uber exclusivity in the zone of self-driving two-wheeler vehicles. Amazon plans to deploy delivery robots called “Scout” in Washington as a part of its pilot program. The French company, Stanley Robotics, created a new robot informally called “Stan” that provides assistance for valet parking. The droid, which piloted at the Gatwick Airport for a trial period of 3 months, was a success.

Recently, in the Consumer Electronics showcase of 2019, various companies exhibited their robots in front of the world. The Wilkinson Baking company introduced its bread-making robot “Breadbot” that does everything right from preparing the dough to cooling the machine-made loaf down to make it fit for purchase. ForwardX Robotics disclosed a new and improved version of its previous model “CX-1” called “Ovis”   the first AI-Powered self-driving suitcase. Hyundai revealed “Elevate,” the walking car that will be able to help in rescue missions on terrain that is difficult for a normal car to withstand. “Somnox” is a sleep-aid robot that claims to help with insomnia. Groove X Inc., the Japanese startup, presented the robot puppy “Lovot” that feels and acts the way a live puppy does. Ellcie Healthy came out with a ‘Smart’ pair of glasses that can sense the driver’s drowsiness and prevent potential accidents.

These products cater to the consumer’s needs and own the element of singularity in a given field that will no doubt give them the monopoly in market that they are aiming for. These innovations come with the promise of a better future, a more technologically abled future and an ever-so-slight chance that they might end up enslaving the human race but at least we can take comfort in the fact that they will keep our homes clean.

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