Preventing houses from flooding is now Dam Easy

Market Expertz   |     July 16, 2019


All Weather Industries, the weather system supplier, has launched the Dam Easy Flood Barrier in collaboration with Scottsdale Corporation. The new flood prevention system, capable of easy installation without needing any fixings, is an innovative boon for homes and complexes that have a high risk of flooding. Dam Easy, debuted in September 2017 by AWI in Ireland and the UK, is now sold across 28 countries via 21 distribution partners in the world. It can also be bought through online platforms. The product also entered the final round of the Flood Resilient and Innovation in Flood Protection Awards at the Global Flood Expo held in London, the year it was first launched.

The product has been designed to prevent flood water of around 600 millimeters high (nearly 2 feet) from entering via the external openings in a house or buildings. It is an adjustable product, and its width ranges from 780 mm to 1,100 mm in a single barrier. Additional side panels can also be adjusted with a ratchet handle and direction switch, which means it can be used with different sized doors. Greg Shenton, President, Dam Easy Asia Pacific, has said that Ireland is at high risk of floods, as are the neighboring countries in Europe. The product has been created to help householder and is more efficient than the conventional sandbag method, added Shenton. It has a patented pneumatic pump action seal around the barrier, where the 20-kilogram barrier can make a watertight seal by inflating it with the pump’s handle. A pressure gauge placed on the back of the panel shows if the seal has been inflated correctly.

The air retention valve, which is what keeps the barrier inflated, has an air release button to easily deflate the barrier and store it when it is not being used. All barriers have individually passed tank tests and earned an EVH certification in Germany. The company also offers sandless bag solutions for low-level flooding under the names HydroPacks, HydroSacks, and HydroSnakes.

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