Merck And Esa Extend Cooperation Agreement

Market Expertz   |     May 08, 2019


The European Space Agency (ESA) has signed a letter of intent with Merck to extend their cooperation agreement signed in 2016 for two more years. The two partners will continue to work together in the innovation, digitalization and material research segments.  With regards to innovation, the agreement is primarily focused on Biosensing and Biointerfaces, Liquid Biopsy and Clean Meat technologies. Merck and ESA began working together back in 2011, and the agreement from 2016 was built on the partnership they had created over the years. The current deal pertains to the above-mentioned three strategic innovation fields under the Merck Innovation Center and aims to make contributions that will accelerate the progress of human space exploration. Additionally, both partners will also share their knowledge base concerning the innovation processes.

The Biosensing and Biointerfaces segment is primarily focused on the interaction between biology and digitalization. It is possible that on employing data analysis tools, faster and more precise monitoring treatments can be applied in numerous disease areas. The Clean Meat segment is engaged in biotechnology that can help produce genuine meat grown in vitro. The technological solutions are created to address unresolved challenges in the liquid biopsy workflow to detect diseases efficiently. Digitalization is an integral aspect for both parties as they aim to continue the intellectual transaction between their engineers and scientists for new and innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, automation and autonomy concepts, Big Data, cloud computing, simulation, and Virtual Reality methods for laboratory and exploration activities for both the organizations.

Materials research focuses on the development of innovations, high yielding materials that are a core activity of ESA and Merck. Prospective fields for collaboration between the parties include coatings, liquid crystal technologies, and semiconductors. Kai Beckmann, CEO, Performance Materials and member of the Executive Board of Merck has commented that scientific progress is imperative for the improvement of the quality of life of millions of people and the partnership with ESA will help them advance this motive and achieve objectives faster.

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