Melbourne's craft brewer files an application to trademark the colour of its beer

Market Expertz   |     April 21, 2018


East 9th Brewing based in Melbourne has attempted to trademark the colour of its craft beer. After BP and Cadbury who had filed an application to trademark the colour purple and shade of green, we now have an Aussie Brewery with similar plans. The company believes that this initiative will revolutionize the way the whole world thinks about beer.

Cofounder of the company, Benjamin Cairns confirmed that makers have already lodged all the necessary paperwork and filed an application to trademark the real Pantone colour. East 9th Brewing's new project Doss Blockos The Colour of Beer claims to have the actual colour of the beer. Claims revealed the latest introduction is generous on the tropical notes and its bitterness is not overpowering. The brewery joined hands with Ironlok, an Australia based street art company to discover the actual colour of the beer. Sources further reveal that The Colour of Beer mirrors the iconic spray by Ironlok. The art company has not only launched a spray colour with a similar name but has also managed to match the colour of the latest addition from East 9th Brewing.

Claims said, The Ironlak spray paint can is like the Bic pen for street artists." He confirmed, "So we worked with them to come up with a colour which best represented our beer." The co-founder had already worked with some of the reputed companies in the alcohol sector before starting East 9th Brewing with Stephen Wools and Josh Lefers approximately eight years ago. Since its inception, the company has been recognized as one of the elder pioneers in the independent beer-making industry. The company that started with the label Doss Blockos now brews brands such as Future Memoirs of A Root, Lick Pier and Fog City. Last year the company launched Blockos Hempire Hemp Beer and hemp beer.

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