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Manova virtual world by XRSpace to be launched amidst the pandemic

Published Date : 2020-06-09

The company, XRSpace, is a start-up backed by HTC and conceived by CEO Peter Chou. The previous version of the virtual reality (VR) device was more for solitary experiences rather than social. However, to the company, the midst of the pandemic seems to be the most opportune moment to launch its new virtual reality headset, which is equipped with all new software and enables people to interact and socialize virtually. The software named Manova world and VR Mova goggles have now been declared as completed projects. The basic idea was to create software that could replicate the real world and enable consumers to experience a nearly real-life experience of socializing. Moreover, due to the subjugation of mobility and proximity under social distancing norms, this device would prove useful, making this the perfect opportunity to launch these products in the market.

The quintessence of VR lies in its feature that allows a person to block their surrounding completely and to transport into another world virtually. The Mova is a software that helps the person enjoy the VR with friends in real-time. There were two major attempts by the company while developing this software. First, they wanted to contain and restrict the price of these devices, to make it available to all, at affordable rates. Second, they wanted to make software not only for gamers and tech-enthusiasts but for everyone.

The device is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of this year, starting with Taiwan and Germany. The company has announced that the device will have three variants for an average price of $599. The company’s CEO, Peter Chou, had been the first to introduce to the world a smartphone and claims that this VR device is the best he has ever seen. This makes the technophiles around the globe eager for Manova’s launch.