Kwambio And Wefund Start 3d Bioprinting Project

Market Expertz   |     May 15, 2019


Kwambio, the ceramic 3D printing company, and WeFund Ventures, the early stage investment firm, are undertaking a new 3D bioprinting project. The project, dubbed ADAM is aimed at the development of an end-to-end 3D scanning and 3D printing process engaged in the production of artificial bones. Kwambio, located in New York, USA; Odessa, Ukraine; and London, UK, offers 3D printing services and is presently working on a range of 3D printers. The two companies envision that these bones would someday be applied in medical implants to accommodate the increasing needs for organ transplants. The joint venture has already garnered the support of the 2019 STANLEY+Techstars additive manufacturing accelerator program.

As part of the new project, Kwambio is using two novel materials for the development of the implants; a PCL-based biopolymer and a ceramic bioglass. The PCL-based biopolymer has added hydroxyapatite, which is an integral part of the natural bone. The ceramic bioglass is a combination of hydroxyapatite with thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass. Each of these materials serves a unique purpose as the project states that the bones that do not endure direct physical exertion and carry out only protective and skeletal functions such as bones of the skull, upper and lower jaw, could be fixed with ceramic bioglass implants whereas modified biopolymer exhibits prospective applications in tubular bones. The pair hopes that the material formulations will eventually be able to dissolve within the body, rendering further operations unnecessary. Lund University, Sweden has successfully tested the two materials developed by ADAM.

The project also aims to create a cloud-based platform, which will allow the 3D printing of custom bone implants on demand. The platform would require the 3D scan of the bone and will create a customized model for the patient. This step is followed by the 3D printing of the implant via binder jetting or material extrusion process.

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