Jotun Introduces New Seaforce Range

Market Expertz   |     May 31, 2019


Jotun, the leading company in marine protective coatings, has launched the next generation of the SeaForce biocidal antifouling range with three new products based on the Hydractive technology. The Hydractive technology helps slow down the water consumption during antifouling, which releases the biocides in a predictable manner throughout the life of the coating. This causes more stable, high-yielding performance with a longer lifecycle and helps the customers keep their vessels cleaner for longer. These new products have been designed to give a long-term performance for varied vessel requirements. The SeaForce range was debuted by the company back in 2004 and currently has nearly 27,000 vessel applications across the globe.

The newly launched range includes three products, SeaForce Shield, SeaForce Active, and SeaForce Active Plus. SeaForce Shield offers superior protection while SeaForce Active actively protects hulls even when the vessels are not being used, and Active Plus that provides optimum protection at affordable costs. SeaForce Active and SeaForce Active Plus also include a triple biocide package, out of which one is the biocide combination that is employed in the company’s SeaQuantum series. Dr. Erik Risberg, Global Marketing Director, Jotun Marine Coatings, says that they felt the need to develop innovative new solutions in order to meet the customers’ demands. Risberg says that the company is committed to offering the customers a variety of solutions to suit their individual requirements, budgets, and performance necessities, which is why they formulated the SeaForce range.

The Hydractive technology is the company’s top-of-the-line solutions for maintaining the cleanliness of the hulls and protects them for a longer duration. Shipping has changed in the last fifteen years, giving rise to as many customer demands, and the new range is Jotun’s way of evolving with this demand to provide optimal solutions, which is why the company developed this technology. Risberg added that the technology gives them an upper hand in the market of antifouling products.