Hudsonville Ice Cream reduces its tub size as a part of a brand makeover

Market Expertz   |     April 21, 2018


The sleek look of the Hudsonville Ice Cream containers gives the brand its much-desired facelift. The world of luxury ice cream is finally changing. For Hudsonville Ice Cream it is not just about the brand new black packaging that is making it look sleeker. In fact, it is the craftsmanship of the 48 –ounce containers that make the tubs 15 percent slimmer. Basically, as a part of their premium positioning the ice cream containers dropped approximately 8 ounces. The transformation reflects, the brand’s focus on upgrading not just the packaging, but also the quality of the ingredients, something millennial consumers often demand. However, the price of the ice cream tubs that sells somewhere in the $5 range, will not increase. This is definitely a smart move considering the customers who are more likely to grab a dessert that has natural alternatives. To further appeal to consumer sentiments, the ice cream maker has replaced artificial vanilla substitute with real vanilla. Also ramping up its image Hudsonville Ice Cream has discontinued using various stabilizing agents, including polysorbate 80 and carrageenan and has adopted more natural ingredients. CJ Ellens, whose family had invested in the brand in 2003, said “We pride ourselves on being transparent about what we are doing. It's the same ice cream in terms of taste, but an upgrade in terms of quality from the previous package size." To help the brand stand out in the market the new packages now have a foil seal similar to the ones on the yoghurt tubs. The seal prevents the product from being sampled or tampered with before purchase. Looks like Hudsonville Ice Cream is all set to gain a competitive edge over its immediate competitors. Rebranding is often tricky, but the company has taken all necessary measures to preserve its authenticity in the process.

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