Huawei’s Backup Operating System

Market Expertz   |     March 21, 2019


Huawei is cautious of the outcome of the trade talks and fears that it might be denied access to products like Microsoft or Google if the trade talks are unfavorable towards China. Even though the U.S.-China trade talks have put the reputation of the company at stake, the Chinese company still retains its market position. Fearing the risk of a boycott, the company is planning contingent moves in case ties between the two nations sever even further. The U.S., New Zealand and Australia have banned the company from developing its 5G infrastructure, and the company fears the extinction of its export business if U.S.’ allies take similar steps. The U.S. is forcing its allies to ban Huawei entirely owing to possible national security concerns. Although it is not certain if the rest of its consumers will follow in the same steps, Huawei thinks it best to keep backup plans handy.

Huawei is a leading manufacturer in the electronics market. The company relies on Microsoft and Google for their operating systems, which are extensively applied in its smartphones and laptops. The smartphones run on Android operating systems and the laptops runs on Windows. If the trade talks prohibit the export of U.S. products to China, Huawei faces uncertainty regarding the usage of these operating systems. The company’s operating system shall be put to use under extenuating conditions only. Furthermore, Huawei would still need to find a hardware system for its electronics in case it comes down to complete ban of its technology.

Huawei’s operating systems would give it a backup for its electronics, but it would still need a new hardware partner if Intel and Qualcomm were denied a partnership with Huawei under the new trade policies. Huawei also has MediaTek processors that are used in the products like Chromebooks, but it might still need to find a replacement for the existing processors.

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