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Hexion’s Oilfield Technology Group and Black Mountain Sand team up

Published Date : 2019-08-04 Author : Eric

Hexion Inc.’s Oilfield Technology Group has recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with Black Mountain Sand, LLC, which will supply in-basin production of resin-coated proppants. The alliance will use Hexion’s VoyagerSM mobile resin coating services and substrate from Black Mountain Sand. The newly established partnership will bring together one of the foremost resin-coated proppant suppliers and one of the fastest-growing sand suppliers in the world. Hexion’s Voyager resin-coating service unit will be erected at Black Mountain Sand’s El Dorado sand mine. It will offer logistical efficiencies and cost savings to produce high-quality resin-coated sand in the Permian Basin.

Hexion is the only company equipped with mobile resin-coating technology, which it relies on to provide customers with efficiently manufactured resin-coated proppants in any location and on any substrate. Hexion’s Voyager service unit gives mobility that enables strategic and efficient placement in response to the evolving market and customer demands. In February last year, the first Voyager service unit was released which gave customers the first in-basin resin-coated proppant production in the industry. The recently formed partnership will utilize the second-generation Voyager service unit, which has double the manufacturing capacity that its predecessor. With advanced chemistries, it will also expand the product portfolio and innovative technology to assist the customers in addressing issues beyond proppant flowback control, which includes enhanced crush resistance, formation water decrease, and superior oil production. Mohamed Shawky, Commercial Director, Oilfield Technology Group, has commented that the partnership brings the best in-basin sand with the company’s cutting-edge resin chemistries for a complete in-basin proppant solution.

Shawky also added that the partnership with Black Mountain Sand would help them extend customer access to the technology while leveraging the efficiencies that come with being in-basin. Hayden Gillespie, Chief Commercial Officer, Black Mountain Sand, has said that by using Hexion’s Voyager service unit at the El Dorado facility, the company will be able to coat some of its own Winkler White sand onsite for potential buyers, providing an exciting and unique solution with substantial cost benefits for the Permian Basin.

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