Google Assistant Comes To Waze

Market Expertz   |     May 29, 2019


Google has announced that Google Assistant, which is currently available in Google Maps and Android Auto, is also being introduced in Waze, Google’s GPS navigation software. The announcement was made at the annual I/O developer conference. However, the tech giant has also announced that it will get its own dedicated “driving mode” beginning this summer.

The driving mode on Assistant can be activated on almost any phone that has the feature by the voice command, “Hey Google, let’s drive.” The command brings up what the company describes as a “thoughtfully designed dashboard” that lays out driving-relevant activities, top contacts, and other custom recommendations. For instance, if the driver has tickets booked for a movie or has restaurant reservation, the driving mode on the Google Assistant will display a shortcut on the screen for the driver to navigate to the destination. Additionally, the driving mode on Assistant will also be able to resume playing the media file that was last played precisely from where the driver left off, similar to the latest version of Android Auto. The new driving mode will allow Google to bring infotainment-style features to those people who do not have large touchscreens in their vehicles, which will mark the company’s entry in that space. Presently, the company offers Android Auto on nearly 500 newer models from almost 50 car brands. Google is also planning the roll out the first dedicated Android operating system, along with Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play Store, for cars in collaboration with the Swedish automaker Volvo.

The company did not give a demonstration of the integration of Assistant in Waze at the event, but the functionality will not be far from the existing applications. The company has said that the feature will be introduced in a few weeks and will enable users to report traffic, crashes and stopped vehicles among other actions that are included with Waze solely with voice commands. Google acquired Waze back in 2013 in a $966 million deal.