From Internet of Things to Internet of everything

Market Expertz   |     January 18, 2019


We are finally at that stage of evolution where we can instruct a machine to switch the lights on. Congratulations to humankind! The internet’s reach was initially limited to electronic devices like our phones and laptops but by giving a sensory power to essentially everything in our surrounding, we have given these “things” the power and ability to communicate with each other and simplify our daily lives, ergo we call it the “internet of things” or “IoT.” The concept does not have a set date of genesis although it is believed to have come into existence in the years 2008-2010 and it has come a long way since; now being a virtual system of interconnected devices that communicate with each other to help us go through life with a lot of ease and a little less worry.

The key players in the epoch of IoT were Cisco systems, General Electric, International Business Machines Corporation, Samsung Electronics and Google. The companies Smart Things and Nest labs, both of which work in the field of smart homes, were acquired by Samsung and Google, respectively, in the year 2014 as the electronic-giants stepped into the realm of IoT. Today the IoT market has many companies that participate in creating ‘smart things’ i.e. things with artificial intelligence that make our homes smart.

Various new IoT products were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2019. Bosch exhibited the new Phantom Asset Management Solution that can analyse the energy usage of a device and can also provide maintenance recommendations for the same. The software Snips Commands can register voice commands for connected devices without going online. Targus showcased MiraLogic the workplace intelligence system that can monitor and regulate the workspace and helps optimize it. ThirdEye’s X2 Mixed Reality Glasses are expected to be a revolution in the world of virtual reality.

The internet of things has already advanced a great deal in the past decade but it is about to go to the next level. The IoT community plans to venture into Augmented Reality and is expected to benefit the system of data collection and analysis. The startup Crypto Quantique unveiled its ‘quantum driven secure chip’ in 2018 and claimed that it could be the way to secure the IoT system. The process includes insertion of a customized quantum chip in every device that is a part of the network so as to prevent the device from being cloned or duplicated in any way. The Telecommunications Industry Associations, which is the representative of tech supplier companies, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the IoT community to work on a better and more improved version of IoT and to work towards the elevation of the artificial intelligence that is being used in electronic equipments today.

The entire system of IoT is an intricate ‘web’ of connection between things that have been bestowed by artificial intelligence at the hands of us humans and this ubiquitous entity might be a bigger part of our lives in the future.

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