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AGM Announces Acquisitions Of Coating Systems Company Duralar Technologies

Published Date : 2019-08-28 Author : Anjali

AGM Container Controls, Inc. has announced that it is acquiring Duralar Technologies, the company engaged in the manufacturing of ultra-hard metal coatings and coating systems. Upon completion of the acquisition, Duralar will become a wholly-owned subsidiary under AGM. Howard Stewart, President and CEO, AGM made the announcement with Andrew Tudhope, CEO, Duralar. Both AGM and Duralar have established their headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

Last year, Duralar had presented its Emperion system intended for the high-throughput deposition of ultra-hard coatings over metal parts. By employing the company’s proprietary DualArmor process, the equipment can coat both the interior as well as the exterior surface of the parts simultaneously. The Emperion is also equipped with twin deposition chambers for almost continuous coating and high throughput, which allows one chamber to be loaded while the other chamber is undergoing processing. The system can be used to apply different PECVD coatings, like Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) and Duralar’s special ArmorLube that combines excellent hardness with dry lubrication. By the end of this year, Duralar will be transferred into the AGM headquarters facility at Lowell Road in Tuscon. Stewart has commented that Duralar’s innovative coating technology will allow AGM to deliver a completely new range of solutions to help their customers achieve the exacting standards that are prevalent in the Aerospace and Defense Industries. Duralar’s capacity to tailor the coatings for specific applications will provide AGM with new opportunities for innovation while delivering increased value for their consumer base, Stewart added.

Tudhope commented that its acquisition by AGM would substantially increase Duralar’s critical mass in the market and enable the company to accomplish the goals that the company had envisioned when it was founded. Tudhope also mentioned that AGM’s deep background and expertise in high rigor production will aid the company to bring new capabilities and additional developmental resources to bear on both the product development process and market expansion plans, and the Duralar team has developed several hard-coatings technologies, and are now going to be able to introduce it to more industries and applications.